The Girl Behind The Words


Thank you so much for stopping in! I’m so very thankful for you, and am also crazy excited (!) to get to know you, here, in this place. Since you’re reading my writing, you’d probably like to know a little about me:)

My faithful Savior has taken me on an incredible journey, but a journey that has involved much pain and heartache. And there have been many times, believe me, I just want to be done. But, can I tell you? I’ve been there. I know what it feels like to hurt, to learn to trust, I know what it feels like to wait, I know what it feels like to wrestle, with God, with His Word, with the circumstances He places in our lives–like when He took that boy away.  But God has been so gracious to break me, and rescue me from myself, to turn that failure into grace–and in that, He’s granted me a story, a story that not only continues and isn’t finished yet (praise the Lord!), but begs to be shared. Because I’ve seen Him redeem the pain. I’ve had a front row seat to watch him turn all of this, this yuck, into something absolutely beautiful.

Truly, my heart beats for you; for anyone who hurts, for anyone who longs to see that pain redeemed, for anyone who may be in need of some simple love and encouragement. Because, can we be honest? This life can just be downright hard sometimes. As a result, I am pursuing my Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling. It is such a privilege to watch Jesus Christ dive down deep into pain and make it the slave of His grace; and, I often write about these truths discovered in both my counseling and my studies.

I’ve had a love affair with writing and words for as long as I can remember– and I consider it a joy and privilege to share my journey with you through the gift of words. My prayer is that through these words, you’ll be encouraged–that God would be so gracious to use my testimony in your life; that He might use it to teach you, love on you, and reveal Himself to you.

Thus, my blog! I am so thankful for this opportunity. Every time I click “post” I pray for you, and pray these words bless you.

I call myself daughter, sister, friend, and most importantly, daughter of the one-and-only King. And, in case you’re wondering, currently the Lord has me single (and that’s been a journey all of its own that you can read about here!). In all of this, it is truly my joy to live the very breath and substance of these words: “My grace is sufficient for you, My power is made perfect in weakness.”

Thank you so very much for reading. Grab a hot cup of coffee, a comfy couch, and stay awhile. I’d love if you’d allow me to share my thoughts. Oh, and come say hi! I’d love to get to know you.

Join me as we run this race together? And may you too watch as your Savior divinely crafts that pain, that hurt, that sin, into something glorious and stunning–something for His own glory. May you watch as your journey too, is made beautiful.

In His love,



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