This one is for you.

This one is for you.

Yup, you.

I’ve been thinking a lot about you lately–and praying for you of course (!). I am so incredibly grateful for each one of you. You are gracious and kind and supportive and wonderful and you inspire me to keep writing. (And did I mention wonderful?)

Yes, YOU! Each one of you precious readers.

Your emails, your comments… I’m continually humbled, and praising Jesus right alongside you!

That’s why this post/question is dedicated solely to you. I want to write to you and for you. And I imagine you probably get tired of all my mumbo jumbo.


What would YOU like to hear about? This time, it’s your choice.

Whatever it is, I’ll write about it!

Do you have questions about a passage of Scripture? Anything you’ve been wrestling with? A topic you’d like me to address? Just dying to know what my favorite cereal is?;) What I struggle with…what I love? How I’m prepping to move to L.A.? More on my health diagnoses? A topic you’d like me to write about on a weekly or monthly basis? More on breakups? I mean, let’s be honest, I’ll even write about the color teal if you’d like! (Cause I will!)

This blog is largely for your support and your encouragement, so you name it, it’s yours. Pop it in the comments below or click on the “Contact Lauren” link above, and it’ll send your question straight to my inbox:)

….and on that note, I’ll leave you with one of my all-time favorite phrases from Scripture–one I continually cling to. Have a blessed week! May you grow in grace as you seek the face of our Savior.

grace abounded


7 thoughts on “This one is for you.

  1. Hi Lauren,

    I am particularly curious about the Counseling program that you are taking since I am doing the same. Anything about it would interest me. Do you have a particular “specialty” as your aim and focus for helping people? Thanks a lot!

  2. A family member committed suicide this past April. Have a hard time dealing with it. Much prayers appreciated.

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Angela,

      I am so so sorry. I can’t even imagine what you must be going through. My prayers are absolutely with you. Sometimes what I end up telling people when they are effected by pain like this is simply, I don’t know why something so awful happened, and I share in your tears and prayers. But I do know my God, and I do know how incredible and unsurpassed and awe inspiring and massive His grace is. Perhaps one of my favorite sayings of all time is this: “God made evil the slave of His grace.” Based on Genesis 50:20. Because the evil in this world is awful and heart wrenching and horrible… But God. But God. He is bigger and more powerful than that evil, and He will make it the slave of His grace–He’s already working on it, even when you can’t see it. I would love to write a post on something of this nature and will certainly do so. Blessings on you my sweet girl. Throw that pain at the foot of the cross and cling to your Savior. -Lauren

  3. I want to know more about learning how to love God when life feels too hard. I want to hear that from you because you have more than just platitudes. You remind me who God is when it is hard to remember.

    • Hi Jenny,

      Yes, I know that feeling all too well. Perhaps that is one of life’s greatest struggles–not only submitting and resigning to the sovereignty of God when life is just so so tough, but being content in it–where worship and love flows from that contentment. One of my greatest lessons came when I learned that we are all worshippers, always worshipping something, it is merely a matter of where that worship is aimed, and all too often, sin has caused that worship to turn inward on our own hearts, rather than outward. I don’t know the specifics of your struggle, but generally speaking this was a wonderful lesson for me as I struggled with what you’re speaking of. I will not only pray for you, but do my best at writing a post addressing this wrestling match that you are describing. Please know that so many of your sweet sisters have struggled just as you are now, and that you are not alone in the family of Christ. Blessings on you sweet girl. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  4. This:

    “Just dying to know what my favorite cereal is?;) What I struggle with…what I love? How I’m prepping to move to L.A.? More on my health diagnoses? A topic you’d like me to write about on a weekly or monthly basis? More on breakups? I mean, let’s be honest, I’ll even write about the color teal if you’d like! ”

    I especially want to hear about the color teal! Honestly, I just enjoy your posts and enjoy reading about you.


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