What do I know of Holy?

**I originally wrote this awhile ago, during an especially difficult season. And though this season is quickly becoming but a faded reflection in my rearview mirror, it is humbling to recount, and reminds me of that all-sufficient grace, that holiness that still has me awe struck.


I love how music captures words, thoughts, feelings, emotions in a way nothing else can. How a song can deftly uncover the darkest, hidden emotion, tear open an infected wound, cleanse, and make way for healing. How it can prompt surrender and worship and peace.

I’ve had this song on repeat. Amidst a confusing season in life, it has brought much comfort.

So here it is…

For when you just don’t quite understand what God is doing, but long to trust Him with every ounce of your being. Because He is God, the great I AM.

For when you think you have it and Him all figured out, but it turns out you absolutely don’t, and are learning to wholly surrender to His glorious power, to His majesty.

Knees down, palms spread wide, heart bowed to His plan. As confusing as it might be. 

For when you don’t understand the need for waiting, for patience. But know there is purpose, because that is a promise.

For when God is breaking your heart, and in your finite mind, it just doesn’t make any sense– where it’s all going. But know it is good, because He is good.

For when a me-centered gospel, melts into the real gospel. And you are rescued from yourself by surrendering your heart to soul-prostate worship.

For when, amidst the confusion, His holiness emerges little by little, and you begin to discover its depth and breadth. So you trust. And bow. And worship.

For when holiness—the call to be pure and set apart—is a lesson, a painful, beautiful lesson.




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